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September Birthstone - Sapphire

September's beautiful birthstone has a royal history! The sapphire has been used in many royal adornments and even Princess Diana's ring!
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7 Unique Unicorn Gift Ideas for Girls

7 unique unicorn gift ideas for kids! Searching for a creative unicorn gift for your baby or toddler? Fun awesome glitter rainbow unicorn gifts for girls.
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November Birthstone - Citrine

November's beautiful birthstone - citrine, is like a little ray of sparkly sunshine.
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October Birthstone - Pink Tourmaline Gemstone

Every girl loves to feel like a princess, and October is the perfect feminine gemstone. It's found in an ombre of pinks from pale baby pink to deep pink.
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June Birthstone - Pearl Moonstone Alexandrite

If you're lucky enough to be born in June, you have three birthstones to celebrate. Pearl, Moonstone and Alexandrite. Click to learn about your birthstones.
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Hi I'm Julie, and I love to share bits of joy.

Like creating special (and fun) family traditions, celebrating the small moments with big hugs and tiny tea parties, and how I’m embracing mama-hood with a smile...and maybe even a little extra time for myself.

I think that family holds so much magic, from babyhood to adulthood. So, it’s important to me that we celebrate all of it - in my own family here in Lompoc California, and in the LGP family all over the world.

I’ve made this blog into a little place where we can do all of those things together, with teacups and toadstools, tied up with a bow.


LGP Blog Notes from the Studio.


Welcome to the LGP world - where modern heirlooms help you start family traditions to celebrate her oh-so-special occasions. ♥



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