April's birthstone - diamond + crystal - heirloom fine jewelry for children.

April Birthstone Jewelry for Girls - Diamonds and Crystals

Fine heirloom April birthstone diamond jewelry for girls with pearls and crystals.

The traditional birthstone for April is a diamond, always admired for its purity and its brilliance. The classic choice for April’s birthstone is a sparkly diamond. Her very first diamond is something she'll cherish and love forever.

add a diamond cross heart or compass charm to any necklace or bracelet.

And we have the perfect trio of genuine diamond charms for her first diamond. A heart + A Cross + A Compass The charms can be added to any piece to make it extra-special.

pearl, April birthstone crystal, sterling silver fine bracelets and necklaces.

At Little Girls Pearls, you can choose from genuine diamonds or sparkly crystals. Like diamonds, crystals are clear and can be cut to capture the light beautifully. They add the perfect sparkly touch to any piece of jewelry, making it a great choice for little girls born in April or for any girl who loves things that shine.

April birthstone necklace with quartz, sterling silver, and pearls on lace.

Crystal, also called clear quartz, is the purest kind of quartz. The perfect clear color makes it ideal either for faceting and shaping into sparkly gemstones. Personally, my favorite thing about crystal is the way it shines in the light. The crystal’s facets reflect light from any source. It’s like carrying a little sliver of moonlight with you.

Fleur de Lis sterling silver, pearl, April birthstone earrings for girls.

And even though the crystal itself is clear, it refracts light into a rainbow of colors. When part of a piece of jewelry, crystal adds a touch of light to her precious piece, making pearls and silver appear extra bright. It’s a beautiful thing to carry with you, and I’m sure your little girl will think so too.

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