Materials & Care

Hand Made in the USA to order
From one person to another - magic of humanity


The Materials we use are all of the highest quality and chosen because of the special magic they add to your Little Girl’s Pearls.

Genuine Cultured Freshwater Pearls - AA to AAA Quality Grade

Each pearl is hand-selected for her special jewelry piece. Pearls are beautiful and precious- layers of shining beauty grown over years. They are wisdom and optimism and new beginnings.

Swarovski® Advanced crystals - lead-free for safety

Sparkle and can’t beat those for fairy-tales and stories of pixie dust - and Swarovski makes the shiniest, sparkliest, magic-est crystals you’ll find anywhere.

Real Gemstone Birthstones

Birthdays hold so much magic and importance to small ones - and a beautiful, real gemstone that is ALL about her special day? So much magic.

Sturdy & Flexible

While we recommend saving her pearls for special occasions and photos, her pearls are strung on 49 strands of steel, covered in soft white nylon - to make them almost as strong and resilient as she is. For older girls, pearls are made to be worn everyday...but maybe not at soccer practice.

Solid .925 Sterling Silver used for all silver bits - unless gold...

Gold line

The extra special added luxury of gold is sometimes what you need: we offer 14 karat gold-filled and gold vermeil options.

Nothing says heirloom like pearls and gold. 14 karat gold-filled is created when a thick layer of 14 karat gold is molecularly bonded through heat and pressure onto a base metal (like brass). It’s lovely because it has all of the benefits of solid gold, but without the royal price tag. No flaking or peeling, just lovely and decadent gold for all of the gold bits on her pearl heirloom.

24 karat gold vermeil is an extra decadent option. Our lovely gold daisies and some of our sweet charms are available in this special metal choice. A nice thick layer of 24 karat gold is plated atop sterling silver - the best of both worlds. Because of the silver content of these charms, the same care should be taken as you would with sterling silver.

Care & Cleaning

Everything she needs to care for her pearls arrives in her special box. For full cleaning and care directions, take a peek at our pearl jewelry care guide.

Here are some tips to keep your - and her - pearls as lustrous as they are today:

  • When wearing pearls, be sure they are the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off.
  • Pearls aren’t fond of chemicals like perfume, lotion, hairspray, soap, or chlorine. Harsh things can dull their surface, and no one wants a pearl to lose its shine.
  • Remove your pearls before you shower - the chemicals in our water and shampoo aren’t pearl-happy.
  • After wearing her pearls, use the included special polish cloth to wipe the entire piece (both pearls and other bits), this will help keep everything shiny and lustrous.

Store her pearls unlatched in the special pearl storage pouch that comes with her heirloom gift. It is made of 100% cotton flannel fabric that won’t scratch her pearls, and imbued with materials that absorb tarnishing gases in the air before they can hurt the silver.

There is a small tab inside of her pearl pouch. Leave it in there! It will help to keep moisture away from the silver, slowing natural tarnishing further.

Will you be storing her pearls longer-term? You can request a special extra-protective storage bag with any order - free of charge when shipped with her jewelry. If you need a zip bag at another time (when not ordering jewelry), you can order an anti-tarnish jewelry storage bag here.

Our special zip top Heirloom protective bag provides an extra bit of protection for her pearls. Simply place her pearl pouch inside of the zip bag, and keep it forever special, so she can have an heirloom reminder of the magic of her childhood.

There is something magical about childhood, don’t you agree?

We chase it like so many butterflies in nets to try to hold onto as we grow. We cherish the nostalgia and patina of our own memories and feel a whole new kind of joy when we offer it up to the next generation.

Family traditions are steeped in that childhood magic, and that’s one of the reasons I’ve always loved exploring and playing with our own kiddos and traditions. When you combine that with each child’s own unique story, there is something oh-so special about what it all creates.

It’s the tea stained lace gloves your grandmother wore, now serving tea to Teddy; the perfect flower crowns from fairy heads braided from dandelions and forget-me-nots; the backdrop of waving stalks of grass in every summertime memory - and the dirty bare feet dancing through it all, on their way to another adventure.

It’s Precious
...and it’s the reason behind every single thing we do.

From the wisdom and luster of traditional pearls to the small hints of whimsy in our accents. Even the custom charms and gems we offer are here to help you capture the feelings of your own childhood joys and hopes - while celebrating her unique story and personality.

All while creating a modern heirloom that she can keep with her to remember that childhood magic as she grows up, and maybe even share it forward with to another special little one, someday.

Because of all of that creative freedom, and the care with which we choose our materials, it can be a bit of an adventure in and of itself to create a LGP piece.