5 Easy Ways to Celebrate Her First Communion - even during COVID

5 Easy Ways to Celebrate Her First Communion - even during COVID

She's celebrating her First Holy Communion and it's such an important milestone in her spiritual journey. Of course, her very first Communion itself will be the most important part of the day, but it's also a wonderful day to not only celebrate how special she is but the perfect time to start a family tradition that she'll remember for years and years.

First Communion Party

A party is a great way to involve friends and family in the First Communion celebration. Even if you can't be with her on her special day, you can still make it extra-special!

  • Schedule a Zoom or Facetime chat every hour with a special friend or family member to pray together.
  • Have all of the special people in her life email or snail mail her a prayer that they will say for her each year on her Communion anniversary.
  • Jump on the phone with special friends to remind her that she is never alone as a part of God's family.
  • Have local friends + family write their favorite Bible verses on the windows of their car and drive by your house, honking in celebration.

Some families may choose to hold parties together with other members of the communion class, while others prefer a smaller party with family members and close family friends (such as Godparents). Either way, a party is a great way to celebrate this event and emphasize its importance to the Communion girl.  

First Communion Portraits

You’ll want to remember this day forever, and a portrait is a great way to capture the memory. Your sweetie will be dressed up in her Communion best, making for a special picture. You may want to visit a professional portrait studio or simply take the time to take a nice picture in your home. Many photographers are even offering socially distanced photography packages.
If she's celebrating her First Communion with her best friend, a besties photo is a lovely keepsake from the day.  Either way, you’ll be glad to have the day preserved forever.

Special Prayer

Choosing a special prayer can be a very personal way for you to bless your daughter or Goddaughter on her First Communion. You can either have her help choose a favorite prayer or write one yourself that you can read with her as a surprise. Breakfast or dinner on the day of the First Communion is a great time to read this special prayer. If you can't be with her on her oh-so-special day, praying with her over Facetime or the phone can help her understand that even apart, we are all together, loved, and supported in God's family.

Special First Communion Card Message

Penning your thoughts and conveying how proud of her you are is not always the easiest. Let us help! We've written 10 beautiful First Communion gift card message ideas for you. Feel free to use them or add in your own special touch, so they fit her very special day perfectly.

First Communion Gifts

A gift can be a great way to help daughter, granddaughter, or Goddaughter cherish the First Communion for years to come.

Classic traditional First Holy Communion gifts include:

  • Bible
  • Prayer book
  • Her first special rosary (Little Girl's Pearls best seller for First Communion gifts)

If you choose a Bible or a special book, having it personalized with her name makes it extra-special. I still have my first Bible. It's worn and tattered, and my gilded name is faint after all of these years, but it's special-ness hasn't faded.

For girls, a piece of meaningful keepsake First Communion jewelry, such as a cross necklace, is also a timeless keepsake that will be treasured as she grows and can be passed down to her daughter. The best First Communion gifts help to remind her that she is a special part of God's family.

Want more ideas?  Check out our First Communion Traditions board over on Pinterest for great ideas on how to make her First Communion celebration extra special!

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Susan, I love that! Isn’t it wonderful how traditions and memories bring up such warm and fuzzy feelings of nostalgia? That beautiful worn-out Bible in the photo is my mom’s from when she was little. Mine is black with my name on it in gold. I still have it.


The old white Bible looks exactly like the one that I had when I was a child except mine was black! It looks about as worn out as that one does too. I loved this post!

Susan Bryg

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