Printable Halloween Treasure Hunt Map + Clues.

Halloween Treasure Hunt - Trick or Treating Alternative 2023

This year has been a bit topsy turvy to say the least! Not taking part in trick-or-treating in 2023 doesn't mean you have to sit home with bored kids. There are so many great alternatives that may even spark a lovely family tradition or two.

Printable Halloween Treasure Hunt for Kids.

I had so much fun creating a free printable Halloween treasure hunt! It has everything you need for a fun family activity this Halloween.

Free printable treasure hunt with map and clues for Halloween.

When my boys were little, they begged for treasure hunts...all.the.time. It was a great way to get them running and jumping and wiggling.

everything is included in your download - halloween map, pre-written clues, blank clue sheets, characters, and instructions.

The great things are that it:

  • Uses critical thinking skills
  • Encourages physical activity
  • Is just downright fun!
  • You can even sneak in a bit of reading practice!

Everything you need for a printable Halloween Treasure Hunt.

I thought that 2023 was just howling for something fun to do at home this Halloween. This printable Halloween Treasure Hunt activity is even written so that it can be used indoors - in case the weather doesn't cooperate. The download includes:

  • Halloween themed map (follow along as you find clues)
  • Halloween Characters (like game pieces for moving along the map)
  • Pre-written Halloween themed clues
  • A blank Halloween clue sheet to write your own clues
  • Instructions 
Free printable Halloween Treasure Hunt with Clues from Little Girl's Pearls.
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Download your Halloween treasure hunt printable here.

I would LOVE to know what you think. Please leave a comment below or tag me in a photo on instagram (@littlegirlspearls) - I'd love to feature your kiddos having a blast this Halloween!

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Free printable trick-or-treat halloween alternative for 2020.

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