How to embrace your family's winter chaos.

How to embrace your family's winter chaos.

If it's raining - or snowing again, and the kiddos have been cooped up for what seems like an eternity. They are wiggly and whiny and sometimes you feel like the weather tries to suck the joy out of life.
One quick tip to help embrace family chaos this winter.
If that sounds like your typical winter day, it might be time to embrace a little Hygge in your family life. But if trying to achieve that level of perfect coziness stresses you out, have no fear - throw a little Craic in there for balance and everything will work out just fine - trust me.
Definition of Hygge and Craic and how to embrace it in your family this winter.
I know the hype is all about embracing Hygge, and don’t get me wrong, I adore fluffy socks, pillow forts and eating by candlelight as much as the next mama. But striving to find that level of calm with my rowdy boys gives me anxiety!
Family Hygge doesn't have to be perfect this winter.
We have very Irish roots in this household, and I was tickled pink to find a name for what we’ve already been doing all these years with our kiddos. It’s called Craic, and though it doesn’t have a direct translation, it basically sums up the raucous joy that is shared when good friends or family come together and enjoy each others’ company.
Ideas on how to embrace your family's winter chaos this year.
Craic describes our family nights to a tee! Learning about it has helped me to embrace our less-than-perfect Hygge family model. We definitely dig eating home-cooked meals by candlelight & pulling out the blankies and pillows for a good old-fashioned family movie in a tidy and warm space. But we also enjoy a rousing game of ultimate uno or exploding kittens, around these parts. Family game night is epic around here. It’s too loud and full of craziness to be considered Hygge, but it brings us closer together & it makes wonderful memories just as much a calm Hygge evening does. And, let’s face it, a little Craic helps to get the wiggles out during a big storm.
Embrace a little Craic in your family this winter to balance out the coziness of Hygge.
I know it’s easy to get sucked in to technology - especially on those blustery days, but let’s make a pact that we’ll work on some family-care during the next big storm, no matter what that entails. Whether your family needs some calming Hygge or some rousing Craic, don’t let perfection hold you back! No matter what you choose, you’ll be making amazing memories with your kiddos and starting traditions without even trying. They could be traditions that are passed down for generations...or not, and that’s okay. Embrace the calm AND the craziness of family life and enjoy the ride. They grow up so quickly, I don’t want you to miss it.
Mom, how to stop stressing over Hygge this winter with your family.
I’d love to hear about your favorite family traditions during storms. Comment below, and give us some ideas for our next winter storm!
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