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Which Type of Mama Are You?

Every mama is special in her own way, and each mama deserves to be celebrated! There’s no single right way to be a parent, and we love seeing mothers embrace their own personality and raising their families in the way that works best for them. 

So which kind of mama are you?

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Don't spoil the fun - click HERE to take the mama quiz before you scroll down. When you're done, you can take a look at all of the mamas below and see which makes you smile. And no matter what kind of mama you are, you got this! 

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Mama Bear

Mama bears are strong when it comes to protecting their cubs! When your little one needs support, you’re there in a heartbeat to be their champion. Whether it’s creating a healthy structure at home or challenging a problem at school, you’ve got it under control. Your kids look up to you and know they always have a fierce protector on their side.

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Mama Hummingbird

As a hummingbird mama, you’re always busy creating a nurturing environment for your children. From picking just the right snack to include in your little one’s lunchbox to planning your family's next great adventure, you know how to fill everyday life with sweet moments. Other people might marvel at how much you can accomplish – your wings move so fast they blur! Your kids will thrive in a nurturing home filled with love.

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Mama Butterfly

As a butterfly mama, you’re all about spreading your wings and helping your little ones do the same. You give them the tools to make their own choices and create space for them to fly. When things go wrong, you’re there to comfort them. But you’re raising independent children with confidence in their unique colors.

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Mama Hedgehog

As a hedgehog mama, you are a nurturer. Your hoglets are your world, and you love the chance to snuggle up with them and read stories, take naps, or just generally snuggle. You readily embrace Hygge (a Danish tradition that enjoys coziness and contentment), and know the calming connection of home-cooked meals, snuggly blankets, and cocoa by the fireplace. Your kiddos know that home provides a lovely breath in the busy-ness of the world.

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Mamas everywhere, you’re amazing! Keep up all your great work, and know that the best way to be a mama is your way.  

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Hi, I'm Julie and I love to share bits of joy.

Like creating special (and fun) family traditions, celebrating the small moments with big hugs and tiny tea parties, and how I’m embracing mama-hood with a smile...and maybe even a little extra time for myself.

I think that family holds so much magic, from babyhood to adulthood. So, it’s important to me that we celebrate all of it - in my own family here in Lompoc California, and in the LGP family all over the world.

I’ve made this blog into a little place where we can do all of those things together, with teacups and toadstools, tied up with a bow.

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