Little girl sitting in a field for her first birthday smash cake. She is wearing a pink tutu and a sweet pearl jewelry set from Little Girl's Pearls.

Sentimental First Birthday Gifts for Girls

Girl's first birthday pink cake smash wearing pearl necklace

You’ll always remember her first birthday, even if she’s too little to remember it herself! One day, you’ll share pictures of this oh-so-special day with her and laugh over how much frosting she got on herself. And you’ll be amazed at how small she was, once.

If you want to choose some sentimental first birthday gifts for your little girl, we’ve come up with some meaningful ideas to make her day extra-special. These sentimental pieces of jewelry will look so sweet in her first birthday pictures, and will become cherished heirlooms as she grows up. She may even pass them on to her little someday.

Little girl wearing pink leotard and necklace with pearl and crown

1. My Little Princess Necklace

She’s already your little princess – this necklace just makes it official. This delicate necklace features a silver princess crown charm and a dainty pearl pendant. She’ll feel like royalty whenever she wears it.

Little girl putting hands in pink cake and wearing pearl necklace

2. Precious Pearls Necklace

This modern twist on a classic pearl necklace features delicate silver daisies after every second genuine cultured freshwater pearl to add a touch of sparkle. It's such a precious birthday gift for your little girl, and it can become something she can wear for special occasions forever. We especially love the look of this dainty necklace for a cake smash photo shoot, when it creates a fun juxtaposition with her little frosting-covered hands.

Little girl in pink tutu wearing pearl necklace next to a pink cake

3. Sweet Pearl Jewelry Set

For a truly sentimental first birthday gift for a girl, consider this sweet set of a matching pearl necklace and bracelet. They’ll look oh-so-adorable on your little girl at one, then become an heirloom she can grow into. These pearls will be with her from being a baby to a bride, which means you’ll be there for all those important moments too.

Pink and white gift wrapping boxes with bows and flowers for first birthday gift

Beautiful gift wrapping is almost as fun as the gift inside, and it makes it extra-special and meaningful. That's why each Little Girl's Pearls sentimental first birthday jewelry gift ideas comes wrapped up in a pretty pink jewelry box, topped with a satin bow, and includes everything you need to care for her pearls as she grows into the lovely little lady she'll become.

If you want to get more birthday gifts for girls, you can shop our jewelry collection or contact us for a custom gift!

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