Baby to Bride Jewelry Traditions

 tiny baby wearing a pearl bracelet lying next to a wedding bouquet - from baby to bride, start a beautiful tradition.

Every Little Girl's Pearls gift comes with a baby-to-bride card to help explain this beautiful tradition.

She can wear them when she’s tiny and shiny and new
and then when she gets married and grown up like you,
she can wrap those dainty pearls around her bridal bouquet
to bring along the love you gave her on that special day.
A glimmer of how precious she is to you - now and forever.

I so love when I can take something so special and lovely as a baby girl’s first set of pearls and turn it into something she can carry on her wedding day. It really speaks to the idea of what a modern heirloom is to me.

It’s special and means something immediately, but that specialness and meaning just grows - right along with the little girl who first wears it.

You don’t need to buy or do anything extra to make this happen. All of our pearls are made and packaged to be heirlooms, and this idea is a beautiful birth story just waiting to be told at the reception.

“I remember the day she was born. We popped in for a really quick visit to let her know we loved her already and sang an impromptu “happy birthday” while she slept peacefully beside mom.

We put her mom’s favorite flowers - daisies - in a vase by the window and passed dad some chocolates before presenting her very first “birth”day gift: her first set of pearls.

Mom opened up the gift box and gasped, “It’s so tiny!”

We thought you’d stay that way forever. Tiny and pink and sweet, but oh-my have you grown! Your life has flown by - from our tea parties and mud pies to high school bake sales and college goodbyes.

You’ve grown into a beautiful young woman and we love you still.”

Cut to a few months later: you’ve got an envelope in the mail from little Susie. She’s sent a thank you card for your wedding gift and speech, with a close-up photo of her bouquet, wrapped in a tiny pearl bracelet that brings a tear to your eye.

From Baby...
Wear her pearls when she’s tiny in photos and on special days
Store them in her pearl pouch to keep them safe when tucked away
To Bride!
Tie the ends with a borrowed blue ribbon she’ll return after the big day
Use new pearl-headed pins to attach the jewelry around her bouquet
Something Old - Something New - Something Borrowed - Something Blue


Every tradition starts with something small and meaningful, and it grows depending on what you value. This one starts with you creating a nest of love for a new little life, but it can grow to a place where she is ready to create her own traditions too. But never forgetting the ones you all made for her.

Share this with a bride to be or a mama-to-be. It’s one of those traditions you can make your own. And tag me (@littlegirlspearls) in your own sweet bridal traditions!