Beautiful Jewelry Size Guide

** The beautiful style is a bit fancier. Instead of an extension chain, the entire length of the piece is adjustable. **

Bracelet Sizing

Size A:
Newborn to Infant

new baby ~ about 2 yrs.

Adjustable up to 5.5"

Size B:
Baby to Toddler

Ages 1 ~ about 6

❤︎ perfect for her first birthday ❤︎

Adjustable up to 6.5"

Size C:
Little Girl to Big Girl

5 - about 10

Adjustable up to 7.5"

Size D:
Tween, Teen and Adult

ages 10 and up

Adjustable up to 8"

We recommend measuring the wrist and add 1/2" to find the right size.

Necklace Sizing

Size A:
Newborn to Little Girl

new baby up to about age 5

Adjustable up to 14"

Size B:
Little Girl to Big Girl

about 4 to a small adult necklace 

Adjustable up to 16"

Size C:
Tween, Teen and Small Adult

about 6 to adult

Adjustable up to 18"

Size D: Longer Adult


Adjustable up to 20"

Custom Sizing

Is she between sizes, or are you searching for a custom size? Please let us know. We would be happy to chat about it.