2022 Holiday Shipping Update

Happy Holidays, Friend! I know you have questions, and I want to help you navigate the shipping and stocking issues of 2022.

arrival dates are not guaranteed this year.

The Little Girl's Pearls family absolutely understands how very important her special gift is. We are honored you are choosing us to create her treasured heirloom.

Production Time: Each piece is created by hand right here in our cozy California studio (where twinkle lights abound). Please take a peek at the tippy-top of the website ^^^ we keep the current shipping date updated. That way, you'll know exactly when her jewelry will be created and ready to head out.

Shipping Method/Shipping Time:  We offer oodles of shipping choices from slow to extra quick. If you head to the checkout page, after you put in your shipping address, it will give you ESTIMATES of delivery times. These are ESTIMATES. We cannot guarantee when packages will arrive. But we send them with extra love and fingers crossed that they'll arrive super-duper quickly.

A vast majority of our packages do arrive by the ESTIMATED delivery dates, but alas, some take much longer. I share in your frustration, but barring hand-delivering our packages, there is no alternative but to trust our valiant mail carriers.

Package Pickup: It is very rare, but every once in a while the USPS or UPS does not show up to pick up our packages. So, while we guarantee her jewelry will be created by the date at the top of the website, we can't guarantee the postal carrier will pick up on that date. Again, this has only happened a handful of times...ever.

I know this isn't the same - but just in case it helps. Here is a little "your gift is coming" certificate to print or email. Click HERE and download.

something sparkly is coming soon.

Please remember that we are all humans. ♥ We are all doing our very best.

If you have any other questions, please let us know. We are always happy to help. julie@littlegirlspearls.com

love Julie.