The Baby Bunny Test

mama and baby bunny sitting on a gingham blanket having a picnic. The Baby Bunny Test.

Our mama-bear experience led us to create the "baby-bunny test." It helps your little one decide if her activity is an appropriate one for her precious jewels.


Your little girl might be so excited about her new pearls that she wants to wear them all the time. But like many precious things, pearls need some protection. Learning how to take care of her special new jewelry is a great way for your little one to learn some responsibility and care. To help her do it, we developed “the baby bunny test,” a fun way to help your little one decide whether it’s a good time to wear her precious jewels.

The Baby Bunny Test:

My dear, you’re getting so big! Now, you have your very own big girl jewelry, and you’re grown up enough to take care of it yourself.

If you are careful and treat your pearls nicely, they’ll last for your entire life. That means you’ll be able to wear them for special days and nights for years as you grow up. Maybe someday, you can even pass them on to your own little one.

It’s so fun to wear your nice jewels, but part of taking care of them is knowing when – and when not – to wear them. Here’s how you can decide: if a baby bunny in your pocket would feel safe and snug, it’s probably safe for your jewels, too. If you think a sweet little bunny would feel nervous or uncomfortable, it’s probably better to leave your jewels tucked safely in their pouch at home.

Here are some examples:

Going out to a café or shopping with your parents? Pearls on – a baby bunny would be very happy.

Taking a bath or playing sports? Pearls off – that would make your baby bunny very nervous.

Just like a fluffy bunny, your pearls are a little bit delicate and need some protection. Because you’re such a sweet, thoughtful person, you’ll be able to take good care of them.


What other examples can you think of? We would love to hear them! Drop us a note here with your baby bunny tests.