What to Know Before You Purchase Baby Jewelry: A Comprehensive Guide

What to Know Before You Purchase Baby Jewelry: A Comprehensive Guide

To purchase the best jewelry for your baby, you must consider a few things first–this in-depth guide will help you find the perfect gift for your special little girl!

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Starting a jewelry collection for your little one is a very exciting time, especially with all of the fabulous sparkly choices. These memorable pieces will become cherished heirlooms she can love forever, something precious she can continue to wear, holding in it lovely family memories. 

Finding the best jewelry pieces to celebrate that very special milestone in your baby's life requires a dose of love and extra attention to detail. Baby jewelry that makes you say, “ahhhhh,” is a lovely place to start. Not only are there oodles of beautiful styles to choose from, but baby jewelry also carries with it such wonderful memories and traditions. Seeing all of the gorgeous jewelry styles, from traditional to modern, it may take a little bit of time and consideration to choose her perfect gift depending on the occasion for the jewelry.

Based in California, Little Girl's Pearls creates charming, handcrafted, and made-to-order jewelry for special occasions to celebrate her most-memorable milestones. Check out our online jewelry shop for both gifts and special occasion jewelry for baby. 

But how do you know which piece of jewelry is appropriate for each event? We have created this comprehensive guide covering the basics of jewelry shopping for babies and young children to help you pick the right piece every time.

Choosing the Perfect Jewelry 

Baby jewelry is more than just an accessory. It has a voice, and holds a meaning that exudes from every freshwater pearl. No two pieces are the same, and a gift like a baby pearl bracelet can last a lifetime. With proper care, these pieces can even last several lifetimes, with memories being shared and imparted into the piece with every passing hand. A mother gives her baby pearl necklace given to her by her mother to a daughter decades later, or a father gives his daughter her first baby pearl bracelet that then follows the family through the generations.

At LGP, we fawn over every vital detail because we understand that your gift for that special moment - such as a baby pearl bracelet for your child’s first birthday - needs to last a lifetime. However, to pick the right piece of jewelry, you must look at the materials used, the size of each piece, and the design.


Choosing jewelry created with the highest-quality materials will ensure that her gift will have all the makings to start a tradition and can also become an heirloom. If you’re looking for something traditional and classic, I always recommend the sweet pearl bracelet or necklace in white - it’s our best-seller because its all pearl design is timeless.

Whether you’re searching for something classic or a modern heirloom, here are a few tips to help you decide the details:

  • If you have trouble choosing between silver and gold, consider what speaks to your child’s personality, as well as the feel you want to evoke with the piece. 
    • Silver - Is your little one calm, collected, and thoughtful? Silver might be best to fit their personality. Plus, sterling silver is a classic finish for pearl baby jewelry, and with proper care, it lasts a lifetime. We always send the care items needed to be sure her jewelry stays safe and shiny for years to come.
    • Gold - Is she outgoing, vibrant, and luminous? Consider gold. Gold is a stunning choice that makes a bold statement. If you’re looking for something extra fancy within your budget, choose 14 karat gold filled or gold-vermeil (gold over sterling silver) for her jewelry. Choosing high-quality materials will ensure her pearl jewelry is still precious when she’s grown.
  • Always seek genuine cultured freshwater pearls (like the ones we use here at LGP).
    • Their beautiful luster and creamy white color are perfect for all of her most-special days as she grows.
  • Remember that jewelry can last several lifetimes.
    • Pearl necklaces can be passed down for generations.
    • The better the quality, the more important moments can imprint their memories onto a piece of jewelry.


When shopping for baby jewelry, paying attention to sizing is essential. Whether you are buying for a newborn, a little girl, or a big girl, having an adjustment chain can help ensure her jewelry will fit properly and grow with her. If sizing is one of your top priorities, measuring her wrist is the perfect way to help you choose the proper piece. You can also choose to measure an existing piece of jewelry for size reference.

How do you do that? It’s simple and fun!

How to measure:

  • Bracelet: Wrap a small piece of ribbon or string around her wrist so that it is snug but not too tight. Measure that length on a tape measure, add about ½” - 1” is great for comfort. 
    • If there is a piece your child already owns and fits well, you can also measure that one as a reference!
  • Necklace: Use a string or ribbon and lay it around her neck where you’d like the chain to rest. Confirm the ends touch at the back. Measure the string or ribbon with a tape measure. 
    • Or simply measure an existing necklace that is the desired length/style!

Here at Little Girl’s Pearls, we offer sizing information on each piece, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. We want to be sure her special gift fits perfectly, so we also offer a “Just the Right Size Guarantee.” That way, if the wrong size is purchased, we make it easy to exchange it for the proper size. After all, jewelry can be generational, and it’s just no fun hiding it away in the jewelry box because the fit was wrong.

While we do offer custom sizing for our products, here is a short sizing guide to keep in mind when shopping for your little one.

  1. Newborn and Infant (birth to age 2 or so) - 4" with a 1 1/2" extension up to 5 1/2"
  2. Baby and Toddler (age 1 up to 6 or so) - 5" with a 1 1/2" extension up to 6 1/2"
  3. Little Girl to Big Girl (age 5 up to age 10 or so) - 6" bracelet with a 1 1/2" extension up to 7 1/2"

For necklaces sizes:

  1. Newborn, Infant, and Baby (birth to age 5 or so) - 12" with a 2" extension up to 14"
  2. Little Girl to Big Girl (age 4 up to petite adult) - 14" with a 2" extension up to 16."

Resizing is also available. If you would like to extend the wear-time of her jewelry by years, just let us know. We have a wonderful resizing program available. You simply return her pearl necklace or bracelet, and we resize it to the proper size, so she can continue wearing it as she grows.

Make it a Lifelong Memento

When she outgrows her precious pearls, a lovely tradition is to wrap her tiny baby jewelry around her wedding bouquet! This is a beautiful and wonderful way to carry on the tradition of having something “old” for the bride!


Choosing the overall design of the piece you plan to gift your daughter is a lovely, fun, and important part of choosing the right jewelry. Design can be interpreted as many things, and you have all the options you can think of to choose from. When you plan on gifting jewelry or starting your child’s collection, incorporate designs that reflect your child’s beautiful and unique personality.

  • Charms - Charms not only add pops of color but can symbolize important events including religious holidays, a birthstone, and unique memorable times in your little one’s life. Pick a charm that fits your daughter’s adorable little personality. From hearts to stars, birthstones to butterflies, we have oodles of wonderful charms to choose from.
  • A Subtle Look - Want to compliment the bright joy and unique light your daughter brings to everyone around her? Consider a subtle design that still reflects her shine. The darling pearl bracelet with sparkly crystals and shiny and delicate sterling silver accents is a beautiful choice.
  • For Photos and Special Occasions  - Nothing is more memorable than a picture. If you have a special photoshoot or event consider design elements that bring your little one’s fun personality to the forefront. Consider dangling pearl earrings with a birthstone accent, stunning baby pearl bracelets, or even a baby pearl necklace that is just as sweet (or sassy!) as she is.
  • Gift Sets - She makes your everyday delightful, so make the most of the gifts you give. Pearl jewelry sets bring together matching pieces to give her something almost as precious as her. Lovely classic pearl jewelry sets come in various styles, with delicate freshwater pearls in natural colors such as white and natural pink to accent her special day. 

For Birthdays and Special Occasions

While we have found that precious pearl jewelry is one of the most popular baby gifts, we also think it’s the best! Pearl jewelry is a lovely way to start a meaningful family tradition that can be carried on for years. The darling pearls are eye-catching and represent the continuous sphere of love you promise to deliver to your baby girl throughout her life. Jewelry is an excellent gift for people of all ages, especially young children.

When choosing the right jewelry, be sure to consider the event. Jewelry should always match the aesthetic, but also add to the precious and unique look your little one shows off. Here are some tips to help you choose the right piece:

  • A classic baby pearl necklace is always a lovely choice when going to events where you wear white, such as weddings or religious holidays. White pearls and silver materials enforce this idea, as the purity of the pearls represents continuous virtue.
  • Colorful pieces such as customizable birthstone bracelets are an excellent choice for birthdays, birthday parties, and photo shoots. Necklaces such as Darling My Keepsake Pearl + Crystal Necklace in Gold-Filled feature a precious birthstone crystal perched atop a delicate freshwater pearl.
  • Giving meaning to jewelry gifts helps turn them from adorable accessories to treasured mementos for generations. Our collection of baby-to-bride pearl pieces become an introduction to wearing jewelry and, eventually, a charming piece they can take with them into adulthood and beyond.

For Christening Events

Whatever denomination, Christenings are perhaps one of the most critical milestones for a baby. Whether you are looking for a darling gift for a Baptism, a First Communion, or even a family Blessing, Little Girls Pearls has the perfect jewelry that grows with your little girl.

Find treasured charms and jewelry pieces for the special little one in your life that represent these momentous occasions. Works such as our Personalized Baby Baptism Bracelet come elegantly wrapped, featuring a precious freshwater pearl bracelet that can be personalized with a single initial beside a hand-stamped cross pendant. Although their meaning is what you make it, we like to imagine that every pearl is a continuous blessing, carried with your little one in a piece of jewelry for decades to come.

Pearl jewelry, such as our First Holy Communion Pearl Bracelet, has a stunning and detailed cross charm between 10 cultured freshwater pearls. The sterling silver adds a splendid compliment to the freshwater pearls, and it’s fully-adjustable size will ensure it last years.  

First Jewelry Wearing 

Every piece of jewelry is treasured, but nothing is more treasured than your child’s first gifted treasure. The first piece of jewelry many baby girls wear is a dainty and delicate pearl bracelet or necklace. Whatever your darling’s first piece of jewelry happens to be, make sure it’s something they’ll value for the rest of their life.

Here are darling and stylish options for first-time baby jewelry:

Baby Pearl Bracelet

You know that you want to gift your little girl with something that will last a lifetime, and a baby pearl bracelet is a perfect option. The delicate real freshwater pearls and sweet, stylish accents come together to make this a piece of jewelry that grows with your baby. Baby pearl bracelets are regularly repurposed later in life as a part of a wedding bouquet, an addition to other jewelry pieces, and more. 

If you’re looking for a baby pearl bracelet that can easily double as a treasured heirloom, consider our Beautiful Pearl Bracelet for its classic design. Between each pearl sits twinkly twisted rings on a sterling silver bracelet, with the ability to add accent charms that can grow and change as she does.

Necklaces for Baby Girls

Necklaces are some of the most charming and lovely jewelry pieces. They are often the centerpiece of a look, drawing in eyes and eliciting conversation around them. A necklace for a baby girl offers an elegant charm and beauty to any outfit.

While, your little girl may not wear her pearl necklaces for baby girls daily, an infant pearl necklace is a sweet, tasteful way for them to always carry your love and joy with them. Over time, it can become a cherished keepsake that passes down across several generations.

Freshwater pearls add elegance to any look. An infant pearl necklace is a delightful choice for babies and young children. We recommend white freshwater pearl necklaces for infants and toddlers, as they can represent the beginning of life and innocence. My First Diamond Cross Necklace is a beautiful starter piece–one of our top picks and best-selling items. This dainty chain works best for infants, but its size and quality can make it a lifelong treasure. You can never go wrong with pearls and diamonds.

Pearl Rings

Rings are simple jewelry but offer a subtle, charming style. Our adorable metal, cubic zirconia, and pearl rings offer your little girl something unique that helps create long, wonderful memories for decades to come. 

Closing Tips for Jewelry Shopping 

Whatever your decision, Little Girl’s Pearls would like to offer some closing tips and questions to consider before choosing the perfect piece of baby jewelry:

Who are you buying this for? 

  • Try to cater your jewelry choice to something appropriate to your relationship, as well as the little girl herself.

Always think of the event or occasion you are gifting for.

  • Precious jewelry pieces gain even more significance when given at crucial milestones in a little girl’s life.

Jewelry is always a thoughtful gift; anyone can make something precious of their present when they gift beautiful jewelry to their favorite little girl.

  • Jewelry sets are great gifting options if you have trouble deciding on one piece.

Expect infant pearl necklaces and baby pearl necklaces to last a lifetime. 

  • At LGP, we have countless classics and charming modern styles they’ll treasure for years.

Remember to cherish jewelry that grows with your baby.

  • Every purchase should be a promise to inspire a lifetime of memories.

And finally, never forget to protect your jewelry. We guarantee your satisfaction, and if you have any questions about the sizing or materials of your jewelry, do not hesitate to reach out!  We include gift wrap, a polishing cloth, a storage pouch, and a jewelry cleaning guide.




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