Jewelry Re-Sizing

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She is growing so quickly, can you believe it? Because her pearls are her very favorite thing, it's time to resize her bracelet or necklace, so she can wear it again.

The Little Girl's Pearls re-sizing service will make sure her jewelry is not only the proper size but is also oh-so sparkly once again.

Please Note: Size exchanges are taking up to 2 weeks to finish AFTER the jewelry arrives back to us before we ship the piece back. We are taking oodles of good precautions because of COVID and making sure everything is super clean and shiny when we send it back. ♥

All the fun things that are included (scroll down for a full list):

  • Resizing (choose size below) (See Size Guide Here)
  • Each component is properly cleaned and polished
  • The piece is re-strung on new wire for strength
  • For up-sizes, new pearls & beads are added to achieve the new size
This is for all jewelry styles EXCEPT the beautiful style. If you need to re-size a beautiful piece, please contact us for pricing + instructions.



Pretty Little Details

How it works

  • Place your order for re-sizing above.
  • Include your order # and contact information inside the box
  • Package up her current piece and ship it to:
    We'll send you our direct studio address when you order.
  • Be sure to package her jewelry in a BOX - envelopes (even padded envelopes) do not work properly for jewelry return.
  • Be sure to insure the package, LGP is not responsible for lost or damaged jewelry.

Once it Arrives Back Here

  • We will carefully cut apart her bracelet and clean and polish each individual component and pearl.
  • We will replace anything that is wearing out or needs some extra love.
  • Because of the organic nature of pearls, new pearls may not match the original pearls exactly, but they will coordinate nicely.
  • We will wrap her newly-sized and cleaned pearl jewels into a pouch and wrap them in a pretty pink jewelry box.
  • It takes approximately 1-2 weeks after her jewels arrive to clean and re-string her pearls BEFORE we ship them back.

What is NOT included

  • Replacing missing pieces (if jewelry is sent back with missing pieces, we will contact you with a quote)
  • Jewelry that is intentionally damaged
  • Normal wear and tear


 Beautiful Gift Wrapping Always Included - Free Sterling Silver Polish Cloth, Storage Pouch and Care Card
Just the Right Size Guarantee - 30-day Money Back Guarantee + Lifetime Warranty

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