Cherished Jewels - gifts to celebrate every magical moment of growing up

Cherished Jewels - gifts to celebrate every magical moment of growing up

Little girl in a delicate blue dress, adorned with pearl jewelry, in an enchanted field, representing the 'Gifts for Growing Girls' collection

Growing up is a series of magical moments, each one to be cherished. With each birthday, special occasion, or simply because you love them so very much, gifts become mementos of these precious times. And what better way to celebrate these moments than with jewelry that captures their special day and grows with them, reminding them of the love that surrounds them every step of the way. At our cozy California studio, each piece is designed with immense love, keeping in mind the beautiful journey of growing up.

Darling My Keepsake Pearl and Crystal Necklace

Celebrate her unique sparkle with the Darling My Keepsake Pearl + Crystal Necklace. A lustrous freshwater pearl, paired with a twinkling sterling silver daisy and a radiant Swarovski crystal in her birthstone color, makes this piece truly special. Imagine her joy when she receives this on her birthday, a necklace that shines just like her!

Adorable Pearl and Birthstone Earrings

Whether she prefers the radiance of gold or the elegance of silver, these earrings are the epitome of sophistication. Delicate and dainty, the birthstone earrings in 14 kt gold-filled or adorable earrings in sterling silver French hook design adds a gentle sway, and the personalized birthstone or gem ensures they're uniquely hers.

Love and Pearls Ring

Her first pearl ring, surrounded by love hearts, is a sweet reminder of your enduring love. As she grows, the ring can be worn in different ways, ensuring it remains a cherished piece through the years. Shop the Love and Pearls ring here.

Precious Pearl Lever Back Earrings

Elegance meets occasion with these precious pearl leverback earrings. Their length and style make them suitable for special occasions, ensuring she feels like the princess she truly is.

Blossom Bouquet Ring

A trio of intricately designed flowers come together to form this enchanting blossom bouquet silver ring. It's not just a ring; it's a symbol of her blossoming into a wonderful young lady.

Precious Pearl Dangle Post Earrings

From her first day at school to her graduation, these precious pearl dangle post earrings will be with her every step of the way, capturing memories and milestones.

Golden Heart Pocket Token

This rustic golden heart pocket token, personalized with her initial and hand-enameled for emphasis, is a sweet reminder of how special she is. Small in size but immense in sentiment, this golden heart is a token of love she can carry with her always.

Wrapping it All Up

Every piece she receives arrives ready for gifting, wrapped with all the care and love you'd expect. Because at the heart of it, gifting truly is our love language.

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