Three adorable flower girls wearing pearl jewelry and tulle dresses with flower crowns.

How to Make Your Flower Girl Feel Special

What could be cuter than a smiling flower girl walking down the aisle, beaming at the wedding guests and scattering flower petals? Your flower girl is bound to feel like a superstar on the wedding day, but there are some extra steps you can take to make her feel extra special and comfortable. This is probably a day she’ll remember for the rest of her life, too.

plan a special day to ask her to be your flower girl - photo of a little girl wearing pearls pouring tea.
  1. Ask her with a special proposal

Extravagant proposals for bridesmaids and groomsmen have become common these days, but don’t forget the littlest members of your wedding party! A flower girl will feel oh so special when you pop the question in a special way: maybe during a nice breakfast together, or with a little gift such as some flowers or pearls or a book. 

flower girl tip number 2 - spend a special day together before the wedding.
  1. Spend some time together before the wedding

You’ll be spending lots of time bonding with your wedding party. While you’re making plans, set aside a day to do something special with your flower girl. You might want to go dress shopping together then go out for tea and cake. If she’s a little older, she might enjoy a spa day. This step can be especially nice if the flower girl doesn’t know one spouse as well. 


choose a gift your flower girl will cherish forever. Photo of beautiful matching bride and flower girl pearl bracelets.


  1. Give her a special wedding day gift

A delicate piece of jewelry is the perfect way to make your flower girl feel like she’s living in a fairytale. Consider a personalized name bracelet to make her feel super special. Or you might get her a pearl necklace or bracelet that matches your bridal jewelry. Then the two of you will be matching as you walk down the aisle – how sweet is that? 


have a special photo taken.


  1. Make some time for her at your wedding

Your wedding day may be a whirlwind, but your flower girl will remember every minute that you spend with her. After all, a bride is basically a princess. During the photo session, make sure to take a picture with just the two of you.


flower girl bonus tip - dance together. Photo of a flower girl in a white lace dress twirling, wearing a pearl bracelet.


Bonus Tip

If your flower girl is coming to the reception, take some time to dance with her. She will remember the song with such fondness and cherish that dance forever.

A wedding is a magical time for a young flower girl. Taking a few extra moments to show her how special she is will make your wedding that much more lovely for both of you.

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4 tips to help your flower girl feel special.

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