Flower Girl Jewelry Gifts

Your flower girl is so excited to be a part of your wedding - to her, it will feel like a fairytale. Beautiful jewelry is the perfect flower girl gift to make her feel like a princess.

Collection: Flower Girl Jewelry Gifts

Each of our handcrafted flower girl necklaces and bracelets comes with an extension chain to be sure it fits her perfectly.

Your flower girl adds a special dose of sweetness to your wedding day. Every flower girl is different. Some may skip down the aisle smiling and tossing petals, while some might feel shy and need a little extra encouragement to make it to the altar. No matter what, your flower girl is sure to elicit smiles and “awws” from all your guests. And no matter what, your wedding day is a memory your flower girl and her family will remember for a long time. For a little girl, being part of a wedding is like being part of a fairy tale. She’s going to feel extra special, and in turn, that helps to make your day special too.

The right flower girl jewelry gift can help to make your flower girl extra excited about her walk down the aisle and show her how important she is on your wedding day. At Little Girl’s Pearls, I design handcrafted pearl flower girl jewelry gifts that will not only complete her special outfit, but serve as a lasting keepsake of your day together. Nothing can make a little girl feel graceful and grown up quite like a beautiful pearl necklace, bracelet, or earrings. I hope that you’ll find something that you love and that puts an extra big smile on your flower girl’s face.