July Ruby birthstone.

July Birthstone - Ruby

July Ruby Birthstone jewelry with pearls and sterling silver.

Rubies are one of the most popular and loved gemstones, and it’s easy to see why: their vibrant pinky-red color really stands out. Little girls born in July are lucky to have such a beautiful gem as their birthstone.


darling pearl and crystal ruby bracelet for girls.

When I look at rubies, I always think they’re the color of the heart and of love. If Cupid wears jewelry, I’m sure he chooses rubies! In fact, I think that rubies are perfect for Valentine’s Day, even though they’re the birthstone for July and not February. A ruby is like a little Valentine’s Day heart set forever into jewelry. If you choose to give a piece of ruby jewelry as a gift, either to a July birthday girl or to your little Valentine, I’m sure the ruby will embody your love and affection.

Rubies have lovely inclusions and color variations.

Shop adorable pearl and July ruby birthstone jewelry for girls.

Depending on the color you’re looking for, I can craft jewelry using rubies of varied natural colors. These colors range from a light reddish pink to a rich red. If you’re looking for a really deep, dark red, I also have dyed rubies available. All of these variations look beautiful in person, and when paired with white pearls, the color really pops. If your little girl was born in July, or if she simply loves red or pink, I’m sure she’ll be tickled pink with her rubies and pearls!

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july's ravishing ruby birthstone - jewelry for girls.

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