pearl necklace draped over lace - words say pearls make the loveliest family heirloom.

Pearls: Growing with Love into a Family Heirloom

pearl and birthstone necklace with silver daisies draped on bridal lace. words say pearls make the loveliest family heirloom.

There are so many reasons that pearls are special. But one of our favorite things unique to pearls is that as you wear them, they absorb a little bit of you. That means they’re filled with a little bit more love each time they're passed down.

tiny baby girl draped in a blankie wearing a pearl bracelet.

We think this makes pearls extra special as an heirloom. If you’re wearing pearls passed down to you by your mother or grandmother, you’ll know that those pearls carry a little piece of her warmth.

flower girl wish upon a star necklace with pearls and gold stars hanging from a wicker table topped with roses.

How does this work? Pearls are made of a soft, organic material that needs and benefits from moisture - after all, they were born in the water. In fact, if you store them in a hot and dry place, it will damage them over time. A little bit of moisture keeps pearls strong and lustrous. That’s one of the reasons you’ll often hear the advice to wear your pearls regularly. When you wear your pearl jewelry, the pearls can naturally absorb a little bit of the moisture from your skin. That means you should always feel good about enjoying your pearls.

beautiful pearl and silver bracelet draped over a vintage blue French glass box.
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Of course, not all moisture is good for pearls. It's still important to keep your pearls safe from chemicals like lotion and perfume. If your pearls come into contact with sweat or dirt, you can simply wipe them off with a soft cloth to keep them clean.

Little Girl's Pearls keepsake pearl and silver necklaces draped over vintage blue ball jars and antique bottles.

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At Little Girl’s Pearls, we love seeing pearl jewelry grow into family heirlooms and start cherished traditions. We think it’s especially sweet that pearls literally glow from contact with people. So when you pass down a piece of pearl jewelry, you’re passing down a gesture of love that you’ve nurtured with each wear. And each new person to wear those pearls adds an extra bit of love and care.

vintage French blue scalloped glass bowl filled with Little Girl's Pearls bracelets and necklaces.

That makes pearls more than simply jewelry; they’re an embodiment of the lives of their wearers and the love they carry.

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 pink peony draped with a pearl and gold daisy necklace. Words say why pearls make the loveliest family heirlooms.

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